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Audience at a Concert


Leela Gilday sitting on a rock beside a lake holding a guitar.

"I have been so happy to have Krystal on my team.

The impact on my socials has been significant- she has helped me to brand and share my new recordings, developed a newsletter, designed a user-friendly website to help share my music across all platforms. Previously my approach was quite haphazard and did not maximize the potential for reaching as many people as possible. Krystal has really helped me to do this. She has also encouraged me to view social media as a forum where I can choose to share particular parts of myself and my music. As a private person, this power of choice has made me much more comfortable with social media in general. This aspect of the music business has become increasingly important. I’m proud of what we have created together, and could not have done it without her work."

— Leela Gilday, Musician

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