G.R. Gritt is a Juno Award winning, Two-Spirit, Transgender, Francophone, Anishinaabe/Métis artist. G.R. Gritt is currently recording a new full-length album that will be released in 2020 on Coax Records.


Born and raised in the Northwest Territories, she writes about the people and the land that created her. The power in her voice conveys the depth of her feelings of love and life in a rugged environment and vibrant culture, as if it comes straight from that earth. 


A soulful musician, singer, and songwriter. Lacey Hill composes her music in Southern Ontario on the Six Nations of the Grand River reserve. She grew up “down the bush” (slang for ‘on the reserve’) where her passion for singing emerged when she was just a toddler.


Rosina Kazi and Nicholas Murray are LAL, the Toronto-based protest electronic duo that has built a career out of daring audiences to be their best selves, loudly.  Their beats and melodies can charm the most cynical club head, softening them up so that the lyrics of anger, sadness and possibility can worm their way deep inside.


What started as a solo project, Aquakultre has now become a collective of diverse musicians, impacting crowds through emotionally driven sound.


Alysha Brilla is a 2018 Juno Nominated musician, producer and songwriter. Her music is inspired by growing up with parents from two different cultural and religious backgrounds; an Indo-Tanzanian father who immigrated to Canada and a Canadian mother of European settler heritage.